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Pokemon 2020 Tsume Tsume Mew Scorbunny Set Of 12 Mini Erasers

  • Brand: Ensky
  • Product Code: #SS0435
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NO Bottle (Erasers ONLY)  -US$1.00
With Bottle
Pokemon 2020 Tsume Tsume set of 12 mini size erasers. "Tsume Tsume" means to "pack in tightly" in English. This eraser set was not sold as a set. Usually they are sold at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, various childrens events, etc. If you pay a fee, you can keep as many erasers as you can fit in the mini bottle. We have put the full set together for you. You can buy them with the bottle, or without the bottle to save money. Made of rubber.

The Set Includes:

1x Grookey
1x Pikachu (Winking)
1x Eevee
1x Bulbasaur
1x Scorbunny
1x Pikachu
1x Mew
1x Charmander
1x Sobble
1x Pikachu (Sleeping)
1x Poke Ball
1x Squirtle

0.6" (1.5cm) Varies by character

0.6" (1.5cm) Varies by character

0.3" (0.5cm)

Never been used. Comes in package.

Material: Eraser - TPE, Chain - Iron, Bottle - AS, Bottle Cap - PP