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Pokemon 2021 Start Deck 100 Random 60 Card Theme Deck

  • Brand: Nintendo
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Pokemon 2021 Start Deck 100 random 60 card theme deck. It was only sold at the Pokemon Centers and a few licensed Pokemon retail shops in Japan, in December, 2021, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. THERE WAS A BUYING LIMIT OF 2 PER PERSON AT THE POKEMON CENTER!!! The deck contains a total of 60 cards including 1 Pokemon V card. Some cards in the deck are doubles. These pre-structured decks are random. Each deck is numbered from #1-100. There are 100 different decks!!! There is also an extremely rare deck numbered #101 that contains all reverse holo card and some secret rares. There are 414 cards in the complete set plus 8 secret rares. NOTE: You will not get the full set by buying 1 deck.

The deck contains:

60 Cards (including 1 Pokemon V card)
1 Sheet Damage Counters +  Markers (Cardboard)

Language: Japanese

Edition: NA

Brand New. Factory Sealed.