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Pokemon 2023 Scarlet & Violet EX Special Set

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: #TM0230
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Pokemon 2023 Scarlet & Violet EX Special Set. It was sold in Japan, in May, 2023 for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, THEY WERE ONLY SOLD BY LOTTERY AT THE POKEMON CENTERS!!! The set contains 8 booster packs (each contain 5 random cards) plus 1 random (sealed) pack containing 3 cards numbered from 001-007 (Either 2x Toedscool + 1x Toedscrue EX or 1x Pawmi + 1x Pawmo + 1x Pawmot EX or 2x Greavard + 1x Houndstone EX).

The set contains:
4x SV2P Snow Hazard Booster Packs
4x SV2D Clay Burst Booster Packs
1x Random P
romo Card Pack of 3 Cards (Sealed)



Brand New. Factory Sealed.

*** PLEASE NOTE: The package (box) is very fragile. We will do our best to pack it up securely for shipping to avoid any damage to the packaging, but please understand that its very fragile. The contents of the package will of course be fine.