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Pokemon 2020 S3a Legendary Heartbeat Series Booster Box (20 Packs)

  • Brand: Nintendo
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Pokemon 2020 S3a Legendary Heartbeat series booster box (20 packs). It was only available at the Pokemon Center and a few toy stores in Japan, in July, 2020. The box contains 20 booster packs. Each pack contains 7 random cards.There is at least one holofoil card in each pack. The full set contains a total of 76 cards (Including 6 Amazing Rare cards) plus 9 SR, 6 HR and 3 UR cards (Total of 94 cards in the set). NOTE: You will NOT get the complete set by buying 1 booster box. All contents are completely random and I have no control over which cards that you will receive since the box is sealed. The series has some new Generation 8 characters as well as some of the older Pokemon characters.



20 booster packs

Brand New. Factory Sealed.