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Pokemon Center 2023 Maushold WAKKA de IKKA Multi Ring Shoulder Strap

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
  • Product Code: #BG0856
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Pokemon Center 2023 WAKKA de IKKA campaign Maushold multi ring shoulder strap. It was only sold at the Japan Pokemon Centers in November, 2023, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the WAKKA de IKKA campaign. This shoulder strap has a ring, so you can attach it to your mobile phone, keys, ID badge, etc. The strap can be worn around your neck. can wear it around your neck. The strap measures 59" (150cm).

IMPORTANT: To use with a mobile phone, the strap attachment fits between the mobile phone case and the phone, so the phone must be in a case. The charger port must be 10-15mm wide and 6.5mm high in order for it to fit properly.

3" (7.5cm) not including the neck strap

4.25" (10.5cm)

Brand new

 TPU, Polyester, Zinc Alloy, ABS, PVC