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Pokemon Center 2022 Pikachu Rowlet LOGOS Pokemon Picnic Toilet Paper Roll Holder

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
  • Product Code: #MS0785
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Pokemon Center 2022 LOGOS Pokemon Picnic Pikachu, Quagsire, Slugma, Lotad, Skwovet, Crustle & Rowlet. It was only sold at the Japan Pokemon Centers in September, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. This is a collaboration with LOGOS company who is famous for making outdoor camping supplies. The holder can hold 1 roll of toilet paper (you must take the cardboard tube out of the toilet paper roll before you put it in the holder. Toilet paper NOT INCLUDED). It has a handle to make it easy to carry. Its perfect for outdoors or for camping. Made of polyester.

Height: 5" (13cm)

Width: 5" (13cm)

Length: 5" (13cm)

Condition: Brand new

Material: Polyester