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Pokemon Center 2023 Koraidon Miraidon Scarlet Violet EX Premium Half Rubber Playmat

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Pokemon Center 2023 Scarlet EX/Violet EX Koraidon & Miraidon official premium half rubber playmat. It was only sold at the Pokemon Centers and a few licensed Pokemon retailers in Japan, in January, 2023, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. THERE WAS A BUYING LIMI OF 1 PER PERSON AT THE POKEMON CENTER!!! This is a premium quality playmat. Very nice quality. It has a non-slip rubber backing. Made of fabric material and foam-type rubber. NOTE: The playmat is a "half" playmat, so it is only for ONE person.

12" (30cm)

22.75" (58cm)

Condition: Brand New. Comes in plastic package.

Material: Polyester, Natural Rubber