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Pokemon Center 2024 Cafe Poltchageist Guest Towel

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Pokemon Center 2024 Cafe Poltchageist campaign Pikachu, Alcremie, Sinistcha, Poltchageist, Hisuian Lilligant & Rowlet guest hand towel. It was only available at the Japan Pokemon Centers in May, 2024, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Cafe Poltchageist campaign. It is called a guest towel so you can use it for when you have a guest over, but it can also be used as a face towel, hand towel, or even a handkerchief. Made of cotton and polyester. NOTE: To keep the colors from bleeding, dont leave the towel wet for long periods of time. If you wash it, wash separately, as colors may fade or bleed the first time you wash it.

13.25" (34cm)

13.75" (35cm)

Brand new. Never been used.

Material: Cotton, Polyester