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Pokemon Center 2022 Popplio Piplup Bubbly Hour Spa Bag

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Pokemon Center 2022 Bubbly Hour campaign Popplio, Piplup, Pincurchin & Marill spa bag. It was only sold at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in July, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Bubbly Hour campaign. IT COMPLETELY SOLD OUT IMMEDIATELY!!! It is perfect to bring to the spa, beach or pool. The bag is a plastic like material so its waterproof. The inside of the bag has 2 dividers that make a total of 3 compartments. There is a snap to open and close the bag.

8" (20cm) not including handle

Length: 2.4" (6cm)

10.25" (26cm) at widest part

Brand new

Material: ATBC-PVC, Leather