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Pokemon Center 2022 Piplup Baby Blue Eyes Saibashi Large Serving Chopsticks

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Pokemon Center 2022 Baby Blue Eyes campaign Piplup, Sobble, Alcremie, Swablu, Vivillon & Floette "cooking" chopsticks (called "Saibashi" in Japanese). It was only sold at the Pokemon Centers in Japan for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, in March, 2022, during the Baby Blue Eyes campaign. These are called "serving" chopsticks. They are much longer than normal chopsticks. In Japan, people use these to serve food at the table so you dont use your own chopsticks . Please note: This type of chopsticks is not used for eating. They are much longer. Made of nylon, plastic and stainless steel.

Do NOT use in the dishwasher.

Length: 13" (33cm)

0.5" (1cm) at widest part

Condition: Brand new

Material: Natural Wood, Acrylic paint