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Pokemon Center 2023 Jigglypuff Igglybuff Buru Buru Mugyu Dont Cry Hugging Vibrating Plush Toy

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Pokemon Center 2023 Jigglypuff & Igglybuff Buru Buru Mugyu "Dont Cry" hugging & vibrating plush toy. It was only sold at the Japan Pokemon Centers in December, 2023, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. "Buru Buru Mugyu" means to shake or vibrate and hug in Japanese. Igglybuff is crying. The two plush toys are connected by a string. When you pull them apart, the plush toys shake or vibrate and move together to give each other a hug. Made of soft material (polyester). NOTE: The way that this plush toy is made, it will not stand up on its own.

Height: 4.75" (12cm) from feet to tip of ears

Length: 6.25" (16cm) from front to back

 4.75" (12cm) at widest part

Brand new. Smoke-free environment. Tag attached.

Polyester, Nylon