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1996 - 2001 Non Numbered

1996 - 2001 Non Numbered

We have a large selection of vintage and rare Japanese promo cards for sale. The first Japanese Pokemon promo card was released in October, 1996. From that time until July, 2001, all the promo cards were not numbered, making them very difficult to keep track of. There are approximately 120 Japanese Pokemon non-numbered promo cards that were released before they started numbering them in 2001 (Not including Meiji chocolate cards). This section of the store is for all those promo cards made before 2001 that dont fit into a specific category. They come from a large variety of sources including tournaments, magazines, mail away campaigns, guidebooks, and more. If you are looking to buy the best Japanese Pokemon promo cards, then you have come to the right place. Get all your Japanese rare vintage promo cards right here.

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Pokemon ANA Airlines Mewtwo Gold Boarding Pass

Pokemon ANA Airlines Mewtwo gold boarding pass. This gold boarding pass was only given out as a p..

US$99.99 Ex Tax: US$99.99

Pokemon ANA Airlines Pikachu Gold Boarding Pass

Pokemon ANA Airlines Pikachu gold boarding pass. This gold boarding pass was only given out ..

US$74.99 Ex Tax: US$74.99

Pokemon 2000 Hitmontop Igglybuff Movie 2 Promo Card Set (Unpeeled)

Pokemon 2000 Hitmontop & Igglybuff set of 2 promo cards. This set of 2 cards was given ou..

US$49.99 Ex Tax: US$49.99

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