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Pokemon Center 2022 Hisui Days Hisuian Voltorb Pokeball Small Ceramic Sauce Dipping Plate

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Pokemon Center 2022 Hisui Days campaign Hisuian Voltorb & Hisui Region Pokeball set of 2 small ceramic soy sauce dipping plates. It was only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in October, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Hisui Days campaign. These plates are actually made for "shoyu" (soy sauce in English), but you could use it for other things too. When you put spy sauce (or other liquids) on the plate, the pattern on the plate shows thru the liquid. It works best with dark colored sauces. You could of course use it for other small items like peanuts, small desserts, candy, etc. Made of ceramic.

Height: 0.75" (2cm)

Width: 4" (10cm)

Length: 4" (10cm)

Brand new. Comes in box.

Material: Ceramic