Pokemon Center 2022 Gardevoir Quagsire Yurutto 4 Ring Hardcover Large Card Binder

Out Of Stock Pokemon Center 2022 Gardevoir Quagsire Yurutto 4 Ring Hardcover Large Card Binder
Pokemon Center 2022 Yurutto Campaign Gardevoir, Quagsire, Eevee, Wooloo & friends large 4 ring hardcover type binder. It was only sold on the Pokemon Center online website in Japan, in April, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. THERE WAS A BUYING LIMIT OF 1 PER PERSON. IT COMPLETELY SOLD OUT IMMEDIATELY!!! It opens up like an album. It is the hard cover 4 ring binder type. It has 10 pages that each hold 9 cards (Cards not included. You put your own cards in the binder). The pages are removeable and you can add/take out pages if you like. You can also put cards on the back side of the page, so it can hold approximately 180 cards, but is expandable to hold many many more cards if you purchase extra pages (Can hold up to a maximum of 360 cards if you add 10 extra pages). The cover is made of hard cardboard. The binder is EMPTY. You put your own cards in the binder.

Approx. Size:
12.25" x 10.25"x 1.5" (31cm x 26cm x 4cm)

Condition: Brand New. Factory sealed.

Material: Paper, PP, ABS, PC

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