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Pokemon Center 2021 Gardevoir Dramatic Collection Lottery Prize Hand Towel #1

  • Brand: Bandai Spirits
  • Product Code: #TW1412
  • Availability: 2
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Pokemon Center 2021 "Pokemon For You Dramatic Collection" lottery prize Gardevoir, Solosis, Vanillite, Goomy & Pikachu hand towel (Version #1). It was only available in the "Pokemon For You Dramatic Collection" special lottery at the Pokemon Centers and a few other licensed locations in Japan, in January, 2021. The lottery was only for a very limited time. If you paid 650 yen (About $6) for a random lottery ticket, you had a chance to win this prize. It was NOT FOR SALE at the Pokemon Centers, toy stores, or anywhere else. It was only available through the lottery. This is prize level "F". It can be used as a face towel, hand towel, or even a handkerchief. Made of 100% polyester. NOTE: To keep the colors from bleeding, dont leave the towel wet for long periods of time. If you wash it, wash separately, as colors may fade or bleed the first time you wash it.

Length: 9.75" (25cm)

Width: 9.75" (25cm)

Condition: Brand new. Never been used.

Material: Polyester