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Pokemon 2023 Garchomp My Love Mini Size Pouch

  • Brand: Sega
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Pokemon 2023 Garchomp My Love mini size pouch. It was not sold in any stores. It was only given out as a prize in the UFO game catcher machines that are in video arcades or game centers throughout Japan, in March, 2023. The UFO game catcher machines are like a crane that you have to pick up the plush and drop it in the hole in order to win it. Very very difficult to win. The UFO catcher prize plush has many different characters, but the prizes often change, so they become out of production very quickly. It has a zipper that runs along the side to open and close the pouch. This pouch is mini size. It is perfect for coins or other small objects. Made of a vinyl type material (PVC).

Height: 2.75" (7cm)

Length: 1.25" (3cm)

Width: 4" (10cm)

Condition: Brand new

Material: PVC