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Pokemon 2022 Diantha Mega Gardevoir Tournament Battle Large Bromide Prism Holo Promo Card #26

  • Brand: Ensky
  • Product Code: #BR0315
  • Availability: 12
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Pokemon 2022 Diantha & Mega Gardevoir Tournament Battle series large size bromide prism holofoil promo card (Version #26). This card is called a Bromide card. They are not very well known. The card is LARGE SIZE. It is bigger than a normal card. It measures 4.75" x 3.25" (12cm x 8cm). This card was only available at a few licensed Pokemon retailers in Japan for a very limited time, in September, 2022. This card originally came in a sealed pack of 2 random cards with a piece of chewing gum. (The pack was opened to see which card was in the pack. NOTE: YOU WILL RECEIVE ONLY THE ONE CARD IN THE PICTURE. Chewing gum and wrapper NOT INCLUDED). The card has a shiny surface and is covered with tiny, reflective holo dots. It has nice square corners. There was 36 different cards in the series. Great to collect.


Card #: NA

Type: Bromide. Holofoil. Large size card.

Condition: Mint condition

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***