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Pokemon 2020 Coco Movie CD & DVD Plump Musician Holo Promo Card #119/S-P

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Pokemon 2020 "Coco" movie Album CD & DVD with Plump Musician holo promo card (Special Edition Version). There was 2 different versions made of this CD/DVD (Regular edition & Special Edition). This is the very limited edition version that was only sold at the Pokemon Center and a few music stores in Japan, in December, 2020, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. It completely sold out everywhere in 1 day.

********* Please make sure your DVD player can play Japanese system DVDs before buying

The CD Includes:

1. Rule song featuring SiNRiN (Okazake Physical Education & SiM) vocal
2. Coco (OP Theme) featuring Beverly vocal
3. Show Window
4. Forest Humming featuring Hino City Nanao Midori Elementary Chorus Tokyo vocal
5. Mysterious Mysterious Creatures (Main Theme) featuring Tortoise Matsumoto vocal
6.Welcome Back (ED theme) featuring Kaela Kimura vocal
7. Pose (TV Anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" ED theme)
8. Jariboy Jarigirl (ED theme TV anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon")
9. Kimi no Boken (TV anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" OP theme)
10. Kokoro no Note featuring Hino City Nansei Midori Elementary School Chorus vocal (TV anime "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon" ED theme) vocal

The DVD Includes:

1. "Coco" Movie trailer 1,2,3
2. "Mysterious Mysterious Creatures" short movie
3. "Pose" version 1, 2, "Jariboy Jarigirl" version 1,2, "Kimi no Boken", "Kokoro no Note" Non-Credit TV animation video
4. "Kokoro no Note" music video plus making video

Plump Musician Holofoil Promo Card #119/S-P

Language: Japanese

Condition: Brand new. Sealed in plastic.

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***