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Pokemon 2022 Charizard Vstar Vs Rayquaza Vmax 120 Card Special Deck Set

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: #TM0224
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Pokemon 2022 Charizard Vstar Vs. Rayquaza Vmax 120 Card special deck set. It was only sold in Japan, in October, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, THEY WERE ONLY SOLD BY LOTTERY AT THE POKEMON CENTERS. IF YOU WERE ONE OF THE LOTTERY WINNERS, YOU WERE ABLE TO BUY 1 SET. It contains a total of 120 cards including a Charizard Vstar and Rayquaza Vmax holo card. There are 30 numbered cards in the set (You will receive more than one of some cards).

The set contains:

1 Charizard Vstar Deck (60 Cards including 2x Charizard V, 2x Charizard Vstar)
1 Rayquaza Vmax Deck (60 Cards including 2x Rayquaza V, 2x Rayquaza Vmax)
1 Chaizard Deck Storage Box
1 Rayquaza Deck Storage Box
1 Charizard Coin
1 Rayquaza Coin
1 Sheet of Damage Counters/Markers (Paper)
2 Vstar Markers
1 Playmat (Paper)
1 Damage Counter Case
1 Cardboard Box
1 Players Guide (In Japanese)

Language: Japanese


Brand New. Factory Sealed

Material: Paper, PS, Polyester, PP