Pokemon 2011 Zekrom EX 60 Card Battle Strength Theme Deck

Out Of Stock Pokemon 2011 Zekrom EX 60 Card Battle Strength Theme Deck

Pokemon 2011 Zekrom EX battle strength 60 card theme deck. It was only sold in Japan in October, 2011. See "Additional Images" for a picture of the inside of the theme deck. 

The deck contains:

60 Cards (see list below)
33 Damage Counters / 2 Markers (Made of cardboard)
1 Pokemon Coin
1 Playmat (Made of paper)
1 Instruction Booklet (In Japanese)

1x Scyther #001/018
2x Leafeon #002/018
3x Dwebble #003/018
2x Crustle #004/018
3x Shinx #005/018
2x Luxio #006/018
1x Emolga #007/018
1x Tynamo #008/018
2x Zekrom EX (Holofoil) #009/018
3x Eevee #010/018
4x Trainer: Ultra Ball #011/018
2x Trainer: Switch #012/018
2x Trainer: Pokemon Catcher #013/018
4x Trainer: Random Receiver #014/018
4x Trainer: Professor Juniper #015/018
2x Trainer: N #016/018
4x Trainer: Cheren #017/018
2x Double Colorless Energy #018/018
8x Grass Energy
8x Lightning Energy

Language: Japanese

Edition: NA

Condition: Brand New. Factory Sealed.

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***

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