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Pokemon 2014 Uniqlo Heattech Mega Lucario Charizard X Gengar Tyranitar & Friends Childrens Size Thermal Tshirt

  • Brand: Uniqlo
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Size 150cm
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Pokemon 2014 Uniqlo Heattech Mega Lucario, Mega Charizard X, Mega Gengar & Friends long sleeve young childrens thermal t-shirt. This t-shirt was only sold at Uniqlo clothing stores during a special campaign in December, 2014. NOTE: Pokemon promo card NOT INCLUDED (Sold separately). It was not sold at the Pokemon Centers, toy stores, or any other clothing store. Only sold at Uniqlo clothing stores. "Heattech" is the famous Japanese brand of thermal underwear. This long sleeve tshirt is tight fitting and is actually like a thermal tshirt to keep you warm in winter. Made of 54% polyester, 39% rayon, and 7% polyurethene.

***The picture below with the red box around it is the tshirt that you will receive.

The tshirt is a small CHILDRENS size. NOTE: This t-shirt is a Japanese small childrens size. The size may be slightly smaller than other countries sizes. Please read carefully before purchasing as there are no returns since you have to cut the package open to try it on. 


Japanese Size        Height  Weight
60cm                        0-26"    0-16lbs.
70cm                        26-30"  14-21lbs.
80cm                        30-34"  20-28lbs.
90cm                        34-38"  26-33lbs.
100cm                      38-42"  31-40lbs.
110cm                      42-46"  37-48lbs.
120cm                      46-50"  45-55lbs.
130cm                      50-53"  52-64lbs.
140cm                      53-57"  62-80lbs.
150cm                      57-61"  75-95lbs.

***Meaure height in centimeters (cm).  This should be their approximate size in Japanese.
1" = 2.54cm
1 centimeter = .3937 inches

*** This is an approximation. Childrens body size and weight varies from country to country. 

Condition: Brand new. Never been used. Sealed in package.