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Pokemon 2011 Black & White Terrakion 33 Card Battle Strength Theme Deck

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: #TM0065
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Pokemon 2011 Black & White Terrakion battle strength 30 card theme deck. It was only sold in Japan in March, 2011. This is a new type of deck called a "Battle Strength" theme deck. The card contains 3 prism-like holofoils (Terrakion + Bianca x2). See "Additional Images" for a picture of the prism holofoil cards.

The deck contains:

2x Joltik #001/014
2x Galvantula #002/014
1x Sigilyph #003/014
2x Gothita #004/014
2x Roggenrola #005/014
1x Boldore #006/014
2x Drilbur #007/014
1x Trainer: Energy Search #008/014
2x Trainer: Great Ball #009/014
2x Trainer: Switch #010/014
1x Trainer: Pokemon Catcher #011/014
2x Trainer: Cheren #012/014
1x Terrakion (prism holofoil card) #013/014
2x Bianca Trainer (prism holofoil card) #014/014
3x Lightning Energy
3x Psychic Energy
4x Fighting Energy

Language: Japanese

Edition: NA

Condition: Brand New. Factory Sealed.

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***