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Banpresto And Bandai Pokemon Plush

We have a large selection of Pokemon Banpresto and Bandai plush toys for sale. Most of these plush toys are not sold in any store, Pokemon Center, or anywhere. They are only given out as prizes in the UFO crane machines in game centers or arcades. The are nearly impossible to win and will cost you a fortune if you are lucky enough. They are made by Banpresto and Bandai toy company which are licensed Pokemon manufacturers. These plush toys say "amusement only" on the tag in Japanese, so you know that they are never sold in stores. These plushies are normally slightly bigger than other stuffed toys at the Pokemon center. However, they frequently change the characters in the game catcher machines, so they become rare and out of production quickly. Crane game prize plush toys can be distinguished from other plushies by the fact that they almost always have a string loop on top of their head so you can hang them on your door, wall, bag, or where ever you wish to hang them if you choose to. If you are looking to buy one directly instead of wasting money in the arcades, then you have come to the right place. See the full list of plush toys.