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Pokemon Center 2014 Pikachu Mini Cardboard Sign With 6 Different Messages NOT SOLD IN STORES

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
  • Product Code: #MS0130
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Pokemon Center 2014 Pikachu Mini Sign with 6 different messages. This mini sign was given away during a special promotion at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in February, 2014. It was only given out for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. When you purchased 3 plush toys from the Pokemon Center, you received this mini sign. It was not for sale at the Pokemon Center or any toy stores. It was only given away during the special promotion. The sign comes with 3 message cards that have a Japanese message on both sides of the cards (total of 6 messages. The picture shows both sides of the message cards). The sign is made of cardboard. It comes with a string so you can hang it on your door, put it around a plush toy's neck (see picture below. Plush toy NOT INCLUDED), or hang it just about anywhere. You have to tie a knot in the string, so you can adjust the size to whatever size you want. The signs are in Japanese, but here is a translation:

ORANGE: "(I'm) Eating"
PURPLE: "(I'm) Thinking"
LIME GREEN: "(I'm) Out"
GREEN: "Please Don't Look (For Me)"
BLUE: "(I'm) Resting"
RED: Blank space to write your name or your own message

Manufacturer: Nintendo (Pokemon Center)

Length: 3.75" (7cm)

Width: 3.1" (8cm)

Condition: Mint condition. Never been used. Comes in plastic bag.