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Pokemon Center 2017 Passimian Plush Toy

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Mint Condition
Paper Tag Has A Very Slight Crease  -US$5.00

Pokemon Center 2017 Passimian plush toy. It was only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan in February, 2017, for a very short time and in very limited quantity. There was a strict 10 per person limit at the Pokemon Centers. It is made in the Philippines, not China. Made of soft material (polyester).  

Manufacturer: Pokemon Center (Nintendo)

Height: 8.5" (21cm) from feet to tip of leaf on head  

Length: 14.5" (37cm) from front to tip of tail

Width: 7" (18cm) at widest part 

Condition: Brand new. Never been played with. Smoke-free environment. Tag attached.