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Pokemon Center 2010 Onemuri Sleeping Pikachu Set of 3 Mini Clear File Folders NOT SOLD IN STORES

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Pokemon Center 2010 Onemuri Pikachu set of 3 mini size clear file folders. This set of clear files was not sold in the Pokemon Center, toy stores, or anywhere. It was only given away as a gift at the Japan Pokemon Centers in February, 2010, for a very limited time during the Pikachu Onemuri Campaign. "Onemuri" means "sleeping" or "napping" in Japanese. In order to receive this set of 3 files, you had to purchase 3500 yen (about $44) worth of Pokemon goods at the Japan Pokemon Centers during the week long campaign. The files are smaller than normal clear files (see size below). The left side and bottom are sealed and the right side and top of the clear file opens up like a folder so you can store small papers inside of it. Made of thin clear plastic. See "Additional Images" for pictures of front and back of each of the 3 files. Out of production.

You will receive these 3 mini clear files

Onemuri #1 (Pikachu sleeping in forest)
Onemuri #2 (Pikachu sleepin under stars)
Onemuri #3 (Pikachu sleeping- yellow background)

Approx. Size: each file 8.5" (22cm) x 6" (15.5cm)

Condition: Brand new. Never been used. Factory sealed.