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Pokemon Center 2015 Pikachu Ekans Nebukuro Plush Toy Lottery Prize NOT SOLD IN STORES

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Pokemon Center 2015 Pikachu Nebukuro Collection Ekans plush toy lottery prize. "Nebukuro" means "Sleeping Bag" in Japanese. It was only available in the "Pikachu Nebukuro Collection" special lottery at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in September, 2015. The lottery was only for a very limited time. If you paid 648 yen (About $5.50) for a random lottery ticket at the Pokemon Center, you had a chance to win this prize. It was NOT FOR SALE at the Pokemon Centers, toy stores, or anywhere else. It was only available through the lottery. This is prize level "B". It was extremely difficult to win. The sleeping bag is removable. NOTE: The way that this plush toy is made, it will not stand up on its own.

Height: 14" (36cm) from head to tip of tail

Width: 6.5" (16.5cm) at widest part

Length: 6" (16cm) from front to back

Condition: Brand new. Smoke free enviornment. Tag attached.

Material: Polyester