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Pokemon Center 2017 Pikachu & Friends Happy Beach Time Pikachu Shaved Ice Plush Pouch Lottery Prize NOT SOLD IN STORES

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Pokemon Center 2017 Pikachu & Friends "Happy Beach Time" Pikachu Shaved Ice Plush Pouch lottery prize. It was only available in the "Pikachu & Friends Happy Beach Time" special lottery at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in March, 2017. The lottery was only for a very limited time. If you paid 620 yen (About $6) for a random lottery ticket at the Pokemon Center, you had a chance to win this prize. It was NOT FOR SALE at the Pokemon Centers, toy stores, or anywhere else. It was only available through the lottery. This is prize level "D".The pouch is shaped like Japanese "shaved ice" which is like a cup with crushed ice inside (like a snowcone). It has a zipper so you can open and close the pouch. Great for storing small items. Made of soft material (polyester).

Pokemon Center (Nintendo)

6.25" (16cm) from bottom to tip of ears 

Length: 4" (10cm) from front to back

Width: 4.25" (11cm) at widest part

Condition: Brand new. Never been played with. Smoke-free environment. Comes in package.