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Pokemon Center 2015 Goldeen Pikachu & Friends Japanese Modern Art Plush Screen Cleaner Charm Lottery Prize

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Pokemon Center 2015  Pikachu & Friends Japanese Modern Art Goldeen plush screen cleaner charm lottery prize. It was only available in the Pikachu & Friends Japanese Modern Art lottery at the Pokemon Centers in Japan, in 2015. The lottery was only for a very limited time. If you paid bought a lottery ticket at the Pokemon Center, you had a chance to win this prize. It was NOT FOR SALE at the Pokemon Centers, toy stores, or anywhere else. It was only available through the lottery. This is prize level "I". It has a charm clip so that you can attach it to bags, keyrings, luggage or any other item that you wish to attach it to. The back of the plush charm can be used as a screen cleaner for you phone, computer, tv, etc. Made of soft material (polyester).

0.75" (2cm)

2.5" (6cm)

Width: 4" (10cm)

Condition: Brand new. Comes sealed in package.

Material: Polyester, Nylon, Iron, Brass