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Pokemon Center Fukuoka 2011 Pikachu Memo Pad

  • Brand: Pokemon Center
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Pokemon Center Fukuoka 2011 Pikachu memo pad. It was only sold at the Pokemon Center in Fukuoka, Japan, in November, 2011, for a very limited time. It was NOT sold at any other Pokemon Center in Japan, only Fukuoka. Each of the Pokemon Centers had a different Pikachu campaign with different merchandise. This memo pad has two parts. The top half of the memo pad is a cut out shaped like Pikachu and the bottom half of the memo pad is square shaped and has a scene like the background. So you get two different types of memo sheets.

Length: 6" (15cm)

Width:  4.4" (11cm)

Thickness: 1/8" (0.5cm)

Condition: Brand new. Never been used. Sealed in plastic.