1. Is tax included in my order?

All taxes, duties, customs taxes and VAT (value added tax) are not included in the price on our website. Since the tax rate in every country is different, we have no way of calculating the tax. These taxes are normally collected by the shipping company or customs when your package is delivered, or in some cases you may be billed afterwards. You are responsible for all taxes, duties and VAT. VAT taxes vary from country to country, but range from about 5-25% or so of the full value of the package. Please check your country's tax policies before purchasing.

2. How do I use my coupon code?

1) Put an item in your shopping cart. Then click the "shopping cart" located above the country/currency flags or the "shopping cart" located on the gray navigation bar below the Pokevault logo. Then simply click "use coupon code" and enter your coupon code and your discount will be applied. On the Pokevault app, there is a place to enter the coupon code when checking out.

3. How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping is determined by the weight of the package, which country you are sending to, and which shipping method that you choose. The easiest way to tell is to simply put an item in your shopping cart. Then click on the shopping cartThen simply click "Estimate Shipping and Taxes" and enter your country, region/state and zip or postal code and it will tell you the shipping cost.

4. Are any other methods of payment accepted other than Paypal and credit cards?

We only accept Paypal, credit cards and some debit cards. 

5. How long does it take to receive an order after it has been placed?

It depends on the method of delivery, date ordered, and destination country. We DO NOT ship orders on weekends or Japanese national holidays. Once an order is shipped, it usually takes 10-21 days for 1st class airmail and registered mail, or 3-7 days for EMS express shipping. PLEASE NOTE: These times are only estimates and it varies from country to country and time of year.

NOTE: Italy, South America, Mexico, Africa, Central America, remote islands and a few other places take much longer. Sometimes as long as 4-8 weeks.

NOTE: Due to covid-19, delivery times may take considerably longer than stated above.

6. Can I cancel an order once it has been paid for?

No, you can not cancel once an order has been placed.  The only exception is that if you ordered the wrong item by mistake. In order to change your order, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so that we can change your order.  Once an order has been shipped, you can not change or cancel your order.  We ship very soon after an order is placed, so please  contact us as soon as possible. You may not cancel because you no longer want the item(s), changed your mind, or can't afford the item(s). PLEASE do not order unless you are 100% sure that you want the item(s).

7. Is there any kind of guarantee that my order will be delivered?

All products are sent with a tracking number so you can track your package. NOTE: Some countries, the tracking will only work until it leaves Japan, but most countries are able to track it the package until it arrives.

8. Is there any way to check the status of my package or track it?

Yes, you will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as your package is sent. If you dont receive the email, check your email spam folder. If you cannot find your tracking number, please contact us and we would be happy to give you the information. You can track your package on one of these sites or possibly on your country's postal website:

FedEx website:

Japan post office website (in English)

USA post office website 

*** VERY IMPORTANT:  Please make sure you watch for your registered mail or EMS packages with the online tracking URL that was emailed to you (If you dont receive it, please contact us). The post office is supposed to leave a note when they attempt delivery, but however there have been many cases lately where they did not leave a note. When you track your package, if it says "RETENTION", this means that you need to pick up the package at your local post office (or call to re-schedule delivery). If you dont pick up your package at the post office within a week or so, It will get SENT BACKWe are NOT responsible for packages sent back and the you are responsible for any shipping costs if we have to ship the package again.

However, there is no tracking number for regular airmail. We can tell you when it was sent out, but we cannot tell you where it currently is, or when it will arrive.

9. The tracking number seems to have stopped. Is everything ok?

This is quite common. If the last tracking update was Japan and the tracking stops, this usually means that the package has left Japan. The tracking will start updating again after the package clears customs in the destination country. This can sometimes take a while to update (up to several weeks in some countries). *** This does not mean that your package is stuck in Japan. ***

10. Can I hold an item and pay for it later?

Sorry, we can not hold items. Because some of our items are extremely popular and many people want them, to be fair, it is first come, first serve. 

11. Can I do payment plans?

Sorry, we do not accept payment plans. All items must be fully paid at the time of purchase.

12. How do I find an item on your site?

There are several ways to find an item on our site. The categories on the left will help you help you narrow down the search if you are looking for an item in one of those particular categories. Or you can type a keyword or words into the "search" box located at the top of the screen. You can then refine the search by choosing to search in a particular category or subcategory from the pulldown menu. There is one other way to find items that do not have the keywords in the title. After you search for a keyword or words, then click on one of the items. At the bottom of the item description there are "tags" (This is only available on the desktop version of the Pokevault.com website. This feature is not yet available for the app). By clicking on one of the tags (ie. Pikachu), you will be shown all the items for that particular keyword, even if they are not in the title. We are in the process of adding tags to all items, so bear with us until we are finished.

13. If my item is sent back, do I have to pay for it to be shipped again?

Yes, unfortunately if your item was shipped back to us because you entered an incomplete address (missing information such as apartment #, etc), wrong or incorrect address, ">didn't pick it up from the post office before the time limit, weren't home when it arrived and it got sent back, you are responsible for the cost of re-shipping the item. The only exception is that if we made a mistake on your address. So PLEASE watch for your item online with the tracking number that we provide (for trackable shipping orders).

14. Do you proxy bid on Japanese auctions for customers, or can you order items from another Japanese site for a customer?

Sorry, we
do not proxy bid (ie. bid for you on items on Japanese auction sites, Ebay, or other websites). The only items we sell are those listed on our site or on Ebay (Ebay user ID: brianjapan). 

15. Is my credit card data safe?

Yes, for your protection, Pokevault does not store any of your credit card data or have access to your data in any way. All credit card sales are handled through 3rd party vendors (Paypal & Stripe). 

16. Do you offer wholesale prices?

Sorry, due to extremely high demand, very limited supply and with the buying limits that the Pokemon Center is imposing on almost everything recently, we are unable to sell at wholesale prices. But you can sign up for our Pokevault Collectors Club for a 10% discount. 

17. I didnt receive my package, what should I do?

If in the unlikely event that you do not receive your package, please contact us immediately. We will be happy to try to help. Or you can contact your local post office or FedEx with the tracking number that you were provided by email. PLEASE DO NOT file a dispute or chargeback with your credit card company. If you do, we will get charged a $20 fee dispute fee and your account will be blocked from any further use.


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