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Pokemon Center 2018 Re-Ment Big Eraser Collection Series #3 RANDOM Figure

  • Brand: Re-Ment
  • Product Code: #FG3252
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Pokemon Center 2018 Re-Ment Big Eraser Collection series #3 RANDOM figure (Version #8). This figure was only sold in the Japan Pokemon Centers and a few licensed toy stores, in February, 2018, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. The box comes with 1 UNOPENED, RANDOM figure inside (You cannot choose which figure your receive). You will receive either Pikachu/Pichu, Hoppip/Skiploom, Cyndaquil, Corsola, Totodile, Slowpoke, Larvitar or Wooper. lt also comes with a piece of gum. Made of rubber.

Manufacturer: Re-Ment

1.5" (4cm) size varies by figure

 1.5" (4cm) size varies by figure

 1.5" (4cm) size varies by figure

Condition: Brand New. Comes sealed in box.