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Pokemon 2012 Stamp Retusden Black & White Series #4 Cobalion Ink Stamper

  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Product Code: #IS0142
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Pokemon 2012 Stamp Retsuden Black & White series #4 Cobalion ink stamper. This ink stamper was only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers and very few toy stores for a very limited time, in May, 2012. They were sold in random sealed wrappers, so there was no way to know which one you would get until you opened it. NOTE: I had to open the wrapper to see which character, so you will receive the stamp only. Plastic wrapper NOT INCLUDED. The bottom of the ink stamper unscrews and inside is a stamper with ink built in to it. When the ink runs out, you can just buy a separate ink pad and continue to use the stamper. There was a total of 18 different characters in this series of stamps. 

Height:  1.5" (4cm)  

Width: 1" (2.75cm) width of stamper

Stamper #: 084

Condition: Brand new. Never been played with, but not in sealed package. I had to open it to find out which stamper was inside the wrapper.