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Pokemon 2009 Battrio Arceus Movie Promo Coin #P

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Pokemon 2009 Battrio Arceus movie promo coin. It was a present if you attended the Pokemon movie in Japan, back in July, 2009. Never sold in the Pokemon Center, or any stores. This Battrio coin is similar to a poker chip or casino chip. They are used in the Battrio game which is the newest craze in Japan. Each chip has a character, HP, attack strength and defense strength to be used in battle. These Battrio coins are highly collectible. Made of plastic. Out of production.

You will receive:

Rarity: Promo
Type: Normal
HP: 100
Coin #: P (Promo)

There are 5 types of Battrio coins:

Normal (Red)
Super (Blue)
Hyper (Yellow)
Master (Purple)
Promo (Various colors. Not sold in stores)

Normal are the most common and Master are extremely rare. There is also normal type, foil type, and sparkling foil type.

Condition: Brand new. Note: Even though the battrio coin is brand new, it may have some very slight surface scratches on it. Sometimes right out of the package they have scratches, probably from the machine that makes them.