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Pokemon 2000 Bandai Battle Museum Series #10 Charizard Figure

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Pokemon 2000 Bandai Battle Museum series #10 Charizard figure. It was sold in vending machines in Japan, back in 2000. When you put money in the vending machine, you received one random figure.  It is from series #10 which had 12 different figures (Typhlosion, Tyranitar, Larvitar, Unown I, Charizard, Pupitar, Skiploom, Porygon, Porygon2, Nidoran, Nidorino and Jumpluff). NOTE: You will receive only the Charizard figure. The figure comes sealed in a plastic bag and has a stand. The stand has a sticker with the name of the character (in Japanese) that you can stick on to it. The stand can connect to other Battle Museum figure stands to form a group. Very limited edition. Made of plastic. Out of production.

Manufacturer: Bandai

Height:  0.75" (2cm) not including the stand
Length:  2" (5cm) from fire to tail       

Width: 1.25" (3cm) at widest part

Condition: Brand New. Never been used. Comes in plastic bag.