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Pokemon 2016 CP#6 20th Anniversary Series Common Uncommon Cards (Choose One)

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: #CM0003
  • Availability: 110
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Choose A Card:
086/087 Brocks's Guts (U)  +US$4.75
082/087 Venusaur Spirit Link (U)  +US$1.75
081/087 Pidgeot Spirit Link (U)  +US$1.75
079/087 Maintenence (U)  +US$1.75
078/087 PokeDex (U)  +US$1.75
077/087 Switch (U)  +US$1.75
075/087 Devolution Spray (U)  +US$1.75
073/087 Potion (U)  +US$1.75
072/087 Energy Retrieval (U)  +US$1.75
067/087 Doduo (C)
066/087 Farfetch'd (U)  +US$0.25
065/087 Raticate (U)  +US$0.25
064/087 Rattata (C)
059/087 Onix (C)
056/087 Machoke (U)  +US$0.25
055/087 Machop (C)
054/087 Dugtrio (U)  +US$0.25
053/087 Diglett (C)
052/087 Sandshrew (C)
048/087 Koffing (C)
047/087 Drowzee (C)
046/087 Haunter (U)  +US$0.25
045/087 Gastly (C)
042/087 Nidorino (U)  +US$0.25
041/087 Nidoran Male (C)
039/087 Electabuzz (C)
038/087 Electrode (C)
037/087 Voltorb (C)
035/087 Magnemite (C)
031/087 Magikarp (C)
029/087 Starmie (U)  +US$0.25
028/087 Staryu (C)
027/087 Dewgong (U)  +US$0.25
026/087 Seel (C)
024/087 Poliwhirl (C)
023/087 Poliwag (C)
020/087 Magmar (C)
019/087 Ponyta (C)
018/087 Arcanine (U)  +US$0.25
017/087 Growlithe (C)
014/087 Vulpix (C)
008/087 Tangela (C)
007/087 Beedrill (U)  +US$0.25
006/087 Kakuna (C)
005/087 Weedle (C)
004/087 Metapod (C)
Pokemon 2016 Pokemon Card XY Break CP#6 20th Anniversary series common and uncommon cards. They were only available inside random booster packs of the CP#6 20th Anniversary series booster packs that were released in September, 2016. Only sold in Japan. Please choose a card(s) from the pulldown menu.

Language: Japanese

1st Edition

Mint condition

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***