SM8 Explosive Impact

SM8 Explosive Impact

We sell holofoil cards from the Japanese Pokemon SM8 Explosive Impact series. This is a great series of 95 cards plus 8 SR, 5 HR and 3 UR cards for a total of 111 cards. This series features Shuckle, Celebi, Entei, Blacephalon, Suicune, Naganadel, Nihilego, Lugia and many more. It also features full art GX cards of some of your favorite characters. Largest collection of holo Pokemon cards here.

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Pokemon 2018 SM#8 Explosive Impact Jumpluff Holofoil Card #011/095

Pokemon 2018 SM#8 Explosive Impact Jumpluff holofoil card. It was only available inside random boo..

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