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Pokemon 2015 Nintendo Wii Amiibo Greninja Figure

  • Brand: Nintendo
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Pokemon 2015 Nintendo Wii Greninja Amiibo figure. It was only sold in Japan, in May, 2015, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity (Most stores have a 1 per person limit). It can be used with the Nintendo Wii U game system and NEW Nintendo 3DS XL system. It will be compatible with the NEW Nintendo 3DS system, but will require an additional peripheral device (More information later). Amiibos are region free and will work on any Nintendo Wii U system. When you place it on your Nintendo Wii U game system, Greninja will appear in the game. You can also store data. Made of plastic. NOTE: Characters and functionality vary from game to game, so please check before buying. 

Please make sure it fits your game system before buying it.

Nintendo Wii U - OK
Nintendo Wii  - CAN'T BE USED
NEW Nintendo 3DS XL - OK
NEW Nintendo 3DS - Will be compatible, but will require an additional peripheral device (
Any Other Game System - CAN'T BE USED

Height: 2.5" (6cm)

Length: 2" (5cm)

Width: 3" (8cm)

Condition: Brand new. Comes in box.