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Pokemon 2024 Rowlet Sekiguchi Monpoke Washable Plush Toy

  • Brand: Sekiguchi
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Pokemon 2024 Sekiguchi Rowlet Monpoke washable plush toy. It was only available at a few licensed Pokemon retailers in Japan, in February, 2024, for a very short time and in very limited quantity. This plush toy is washable, so it is perfect for small children. It is made in collaboration with Sekiguchi company which has been making famous toys in Japan such as Monchichi and Momoka dolls since 1918. Made of soft material (polyester).

Instructions for washing:

1) Put in bowl or tub
2) DO NOT put in washing machine.
3) Use a neutral or mild detergent and water less than 30 degrees celcius (86 degrees fahrenheit)
4) Wash the plush toy gently
5) DO NOT use bleach or detergent with bleach.
6) After washing gently, wrap plush in towel to soak up water and dry.
7) Let air dry in an open area where wind or air can circulate.
8) DO NOT put in dryer or use iron.
9) Wait until fully dried before using again.

Height: 5" (13cm) from feet to top of head

6" (15cm) from nose to tail

 5" (13cm) at widest part

Brand new. Smoke-free environment. Tag attached.

Material: Polyester