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Pokemon Center 2022 Yamper Rockruff Joltik Voltorb Everyday Happiness Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner Strap #2

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Pokemon Center 2022 Everyday Happiness campaign Yamper, Rockruff, Joltik & Voltorb mobile phone screen cleaner strap (Version #2). It was sold at the Japan Pokemon Centers in December, 2022, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Everyday Happiness campaign. It came inside a random box with one random screen cleaner strap. There was 8 different straps in the series. NOTE: The box has been opened to see which strap was inside. The strap has a loop so you can attach it to your mobile phone, bags, keyrings, luggage or any other item that you wish to attach it to. The back of the strap can be used as a screen cleaner for you mobile phone, computer, tv, etc. Made of soft material (polyester).

2.4" (6cm) not including strap

2.4" (6cm)

0.5" (1cm)

Brand new, but box has been opened to see which strap was inside.

PU, Immitation Leather, Polyester, PE, Brass