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Pokemon Center 2020 Ash Ketchum Scorbunny TV Anime File Folder

Out Of Stock Pokemon Center 2020 Ash Ketchum Scorbunny TV Anime File Folder
Pokemon Center 2020 Pokemon TV Anime Ash Ketchum, Scorbunny & friends A4 size clear file folder. It was not sold in the Pokemon Center or any stores. It was given out as a present at the Japan Pokemon Centers, in March, 2020, when you purchased certain Pokemon Center goods. It was released to promote the Pokemon Sun & Moon TV anime. It is Japanese size A4, so it fits normal size pieces of paper. The left side and bottom are sealed and the right side and top of the clear file opens up like a folder so you can store papers inside of it. Made of thin clear plastic.

Approx. Size: 12.25" (31cm) x 8.75" (22cm)

Condition: Brand new. Never been used. Sealed in plastic.

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