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Pokemon 2020 Pikachu Yurutto #3 Blanket In Plush Cushion

Out Of Stock Pokemon 2020 Pikachu Yurutto #3 Blanket In Plush Cushion
Pokemon 2020 Pokemon Yurutto Campaign #3 Pikachu Blanket In Plush Cushion. It was only available at the Japan Pokemon Centers in December, 2020, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Pokemon Yurutto campaign #3. This is a collaboration with famous Japanese illustrator Kanahei. This cushion is very unique. It has a zipper that opens up and inside is a soft blanket. So you can use it as a cushion or a blanket. The blanket is perfect size for putting on your lap when you use a computer. Made of soft material (polyester).


2.75" (7cm)

14" (36cm) from tip of ear to hand

Width: 26" (66cm)  from tip of ear to tip of tail


Length: 27.5" (70cm)

Width: 38" (97cm)

Condition: Brand new. Smoke-free environment. Tag attached.

Material: Polyester, Nylon, POM, PP, PU

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