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Black Star "ADV-P"

Black Star "ADV-P"

The Japanese Pokemon Black Star ADV promo card series started in January, 2003, and the series finished in February, 2004. There was a total of 63 promo cards in the series.  All of the Pokemon cards from this series are out of print. The Japanese Pokemon Black Star ADV series features some great cards such as Meiji Chocolate, Shogakukan and Coro Coro Comic, McDonalds, 7-11 Convenience store promo cards, and many more. If you are looking to buy the best Japanese Pokemon promo cards, then you have come to the right place. Buy the best Pokemon promo cards right here.

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Pokemon 2004 McDonalds Series #4 Swampert Promo Card #048/ADV-P

Pokemon 2003 McDonalds Series #4 Swampert promo card. It is from the 4th series of McDonalds card..

US$9.99 Ex Tax: US$9.99

Pokemon 2003 Shogakukan Coro Coro Comic Armaldo Promo Card #013/ADV-P

Pokemon 2003 Shogakukan Coro Coro comic Armaldo promo card. It came inside the Japanese C..

US$14.99 Ex Tax: US$14.99

Pokemon 2003 Battle Road Tournament Chimecho Promo Card #041/ADV-P

Pokemon 2003 Battle Road Summer Tournament prize Chimecho promo card. This card was given out in t..

US$49.99 Ex Tax: US$49.99

Pokemon 2003 McDonalds Series #3 Treecko Promo Card #003/ADV-P

Pokemon 2003 McDonalds Series #3 Treecko promo card. It is from the 3rd series of McDonalds car..

US$1.99 Ex Tax: US$1.99

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