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Pokemon 2018 Jolteon Lightning GX 60 Card Starter Set

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: #TM0166
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Pokemon 2018 Jolteon Lightning GX 60 Card Starter Set. It was only sold in Japan, in November, 2018. Due to popularity, the Pokemon Center (and other stores) only sold these by lottery. You could not directly buy them in the store. Completely sold out immediately. It contains a total of 60 cards including 3 GX holofoil cards.

The set contains:

60 Cards (Including 2x Jolteon GX & 1x Eevee GX Holofoil Cards)
1 Sheet 44 Damage Counters + 2 Markers (Cardboard)
1 GX marker
1 Pokemon Coin (Eevee)
1 Playmat (Paper)
1 Instruction Booklet (In Japanese)
1 Players Guide (In Japanese)

Card list:
3x Voltorb #011/038
2x Electrode #012/038
2x Jolteon GX #013/038 (Holofoil)
2x Zapdos #014/038
2x Tapu Koko #015/038
2x Eevee #016/038
1x Eevee GX #019/038 (Holofoil)
1x Shaymin #020/038
2x Electropower #023/038
2x Nest Ball #024/038
4x Ultra Ball #025/038
2x Switch #027/038
2x Choice Band #028/038
2x Guzma #031/038
2x Judge #032/038
4x Cynthia #033/038
2x Volkner #034/038
4x Hau #035/038
1x Bill's Analysis #037/038
2x Lillie #038/038
16x Lightning Energy

Language: Japanese

Edition: NA

Condition: Brand New. Factory Sealed.

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***