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Pokemon Center 2020 Corviknight Galar Tabi Train Pass Case

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Pokemon Center 2020 Pokemon Galar Tabi Campaign Corviknight, Scorbunny, Sobble & Grookey train pass case. "Pokemon Galar Tabi" means "Pokemon Galar journey or trip" in English. It was only sold at the Japan Pokemon Centers in April, 2020, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity, during the Pokemon Galar Tabi campaign. It is intended to be a train or bus pass case. When you ride the trains or buses in Japan, most people have a magnetic pass (like a credit card) that they use instead of buying tickets. They swipe it over the gate entrance and it takes the money out of your card balance. If you look at the back of the pass case, there is a window to put your train or bus card in. It has a strap so you can attach it to your bag, purse, etc. The clip is attached by a rubber cord that stretches so that its easier to reach the place where you scan your card.

Length: 5.25" (13.5cm) not including the chain

Width: 5.5" (14cm) at widest part

Condition: Brand new. Never been used.