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Pokemon 1998 Vending Series #2 Complete Set of 18 Sheets (Unpeeled)

Pokemon 1998 Vending Series #2 Complete Set of 18 Sheets (Unpeeled)

Pokemon 1998 Vending Series #2 complete set of 18 sheets. These sheets were randomly sold in vending machines in Japan, back in June, 1998. Each sheet contains 3 Pokemon cards, 3 cardboard pokemon coins and 10 cardboard damage markers. The cards are in unpeeled condition and still attached to the sheet. On the back the sheets are numbered #1-18 which is the full set. You will receive a total of 54 cards. The full set contains 36 different cards, so you will receive the full set of 36 unique cards plus 18 extra cards (doubles). The cards feature 34 characters and 2 trainers. The cards have a glossy finish with a black and white Pokeball logo on the middle right side of the card. Out of production.

You will receive the complete set of 18 sheets (54 cards):

Sheet #1 (Onix, Sandshrew, Spearow)
Sheet #2 (Spearow, Machop, Flash)
Sheet #3 (Sandshrew, Ditto, Machop)
Sheet #4 (Magnemite, Voltorb, Magneton)
Sheet #5 (Electabuzz, Zapdos, Magnemite)
Sheet #6 (Raichu, Voltorb, Electabuzz)
Sheet #7 (Seel, Dewgong, Shellder)
Sheet #8 (Jynx, Shellder, Krabby)
Sheet #9 (Seel, Articuno, Krabby)
Sheet #10 (Graveler, Venomoth, Fearow)
Sheet #11 (Fearow, Marowak, Machoke)
Sheet #12 (Venomoth, Machoke, Moltres)
Sheet #13 (Guard Spec., Hitmonlee, Lapras)
Sheet #14 (Max Revive, Lapras, Hitmonchan)
Sheet #15 (Master Ball, Guard Spec., Max Revive)
Sheet #16 (Grimer, Tangela, Aerodactyl)
Sheet #17 (Kabuto, Grimer, Koffing)
Sheet #18 (Koffing, Omanyte, Tangela)

Language: Japanese

Type: Non holofoil

Condition: Brand new. Never been played. Attached to sheet (Unpeeled).

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