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Pokemon 2023 Re-Ment Pokemon Garden Series #1 Complete Set Of 6 Figures

  • Brand: Re-Ment
  • Product Code: #FG5465
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Pokemon 2022 Re-Ment Pokemon Garden series #1 "Afternoon of Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees" COMPLETE set of 6 figures. These figures were only sold in the Japan Pokemon Centers and a few licensed toy stores, in April, 2023, for a very limited time and in very limited quantity. Each figure comes with a few pieces that you have to assemble. You can line them up to make your own customized garden scene. Made of plastic.

Version #1 Pikachu/Cherubi
Version #2 Chikorita
Version #3 Teddiursa/Combee
Version #4 Wooper/Oddish
Version #5 Rowlet
Version #6 Eevee/Budew

 2" (5cm) varies by character

Width: 3" (7.5cm) width of garden piece

Length: 2" (5cm) length of garden piece

Condition: Brand New. Unopened.

Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS