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Pokemon 1999 Pokemon Card Ni Natta Wake Comic #1 Mankey Promo Card

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Pokemon 1999 Pokemon Card Ni Natta Wake comic Mankey promo card. This Pokemon promo card came inside the Japanese "Pokemon Card Ni Natta Wake" (Means " How I became a Pokemon card in Japanese) comic book volume #1, back in May, 1999 (Comic NOT INCLUDED).  Only sold for a limited time at book stores in Japan, back in 1999. There were a total of 6 volumes in this series (Mankey, Psyduck, Jynx, Sunkern, Hoppip & Birthday Pikachu). Out of production.

Language: Japanese

Card #: 056

Type: Non holofoil. Glossy

Condition: Mint condition. Never been played with. No noticeable creases, dents, scratches or whitening on edges of card.

*** The condition is described to the best of our ability, but we are not professional graders and opinions differ. Please understand this before purchasing. ***