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Monster Ball Collection Series 1996

Monster Ball Collection Series 1996

We have one of the largest collections of Japanese Pokemon TakaraTomy 2" figures. This was the very first Tomy set of figures ever produced. It was a very limited set that started when Pokemon started back in 1996 and is long out of production. It is called the Monster Ball Collection. After this series they shortened the name to Monster Collection. The figures come in a package with either one or two figures depending on if the figure has an evolution or not. These figures were only sold at the Pokemon Center and some licensed toy stores in Japan. They are no longer in production making them very valuable and great figures to collect.
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Pokemon 1996 Articuno Tomy 2" Monster Ball Collection Plastic Figure #08

Pokemon 1996 Articuno 2" Tomy Monster Ball Collection plastic figure. This figure was sold at the ..

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