Pokemon 2006 Kyogre EX 30 Card Theme Deck 1st Editon

Pokemon 2006 Kyogre EX 30 Card Theme Deck 1st Editon
Brand: Nintendo
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Pokemon 2006 Kyogre EX 30 card theme deck. It was first only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers and a handful of toy stores in Japan, back in March, 2006.The cards are numbered 001-016. Out of production.

It comes with:

#001/016 Torchic x2
#002/016 Combusken
#003/016 Squirtle x2
#004/016 Wartortle x2
#005/016 Blastoise
#006/016 Kyogre EX (Holofoil)
#007/016 Treecko (Delta Version) x2
#008/016 Grovyle (Delta Version)
#009/016 Energy Transfer
#010/016 Potion Trainer
#011/016 Poke Navi Trainer
#012/016 Poke Ball Trainer
#013/016 Warp Point Trainer
#014/016 Celio's Network Trainer
#015/016 Bill's Maintenence Trainer
#016/016 Multi Energy
Fire Energy x3
Water Energy x4
Psychic Energy x3

1 Sheet of 20 Damage Counters/2 Markers
1 Coin (Kyogre)
1 Instruction Booklet (In Japanese)

Language: Japanese

Edition: 1st Edition

Condition: Brand New. Factory Sealed

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